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Musicians Guild has been organizing one of the biggest World Music Day events in Kohima for the past 7 years.

Last two years, in the midst of the humanitarian crisis, music enthusiasts and artists came together to celebrate humanity in the form of "Virtual World Music Day". Musicians Guild, Nagaland along with the music community came together and organised the virtual concert to alleviate the pain of those who are suffering. All proceeds from this event was donated towards providing relief and support to people fighting Covid 19. 

In celebration of humanity and the music community, this year our team will work towards having a special MG Music Awards in Kohima. We look forward to meet all of you and vibe together to celebrate life!

Entries for 2022 closed

Music Performance
Cheering Fans

let us celebrate life

Last year, the music community came together to bless those who were affected from the pandemic and this movement inspired people from all spheres of life to come closer together in solidarity. Last year we got through this difficult times together and this year we look forward to meet everybody in person this June as we ready to celebrate MG Music Awards 2022.

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